1 Day Ngamba island Excursion to see Chimpanzees.

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Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island

After Break fast Drive to Entebbe. Will be driven to the pier near the Uganda Wildlife Education Center(UWEC). After briefing by your guides, you will leave for the island by motor boat on Lake Victoria at around 9.00am. The boat takes about 45 minutes or an hour depending the boat you take and ride to Ngamba Island, crossing the Equator en-route. On arrival at the island, home to orphanage chimpanzees, you will be given a short introduction and briefing on the sanctuary. After which, it’s feeding time! It is interesting to watch the chimps interact with each other and with their keepers. In the relatively short amount of time you are there you will be able to see such different personalities amongst the group, with some whistling for food and others clapping. Obviously the best alternative would be to re-introduce these orphaned chimpanzees to the wild however this is not possible for a number of different reasons and the sanctuary is not bad for second best.

You will return to the mainland where you will meet your safari guide who will drive you to Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre or botanical gardens depending on your choice.   There are many of the country’s conservation zones such as savannah, wetlands and tropical forest. This a must point to see a shoebill as well as rhino- Transfer Back to Kampala

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