Terms & Conditions

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Please read the following information to ensure that you fully understand all booking terms and conditions, how payments are made, our cancellation policy and our insurance waiver.

Hakuna Matata Safaris co Ltd, offer Car hire, Hotel Bookings, safaris and Tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya , Tanzania and sometimes in Burundi.

Our terms and conditions herein are meant to regulate the relationship of our clients and the company from the time of booking and our services. These terms and conditions, herewith referred to, are consistent with the laws and standards of the above mentioned countries in which we operate our tour services.

The information, descriptions, narrations, accommodation details and security details have been given in good faith. We have taken reasonable care to ensure accuracy. We are not held liable for any errors or omissions resulting from circumstances beyond our control.


We offer a range of accommodations including luxury, mid-range, budget and camping. The accommodations indicated in the itineraries are not conclusive; it is just a proposal subject to your decision. We reserve the right to substitute with the equivalent or a superior one. For single travelers, we arrange shared accommodations on your request.


After accepting the terms and conditions herein you can proceed to pay a deposit of 40% of the price of your holiday including gorilla permits fees. If no written acceptance is received from you, we shall assume you have accepted our terms and Conditions once you make the deposit. You must pay in full before the commencement of your holiday safari. You can pay this either a month before or at the day your holiday safari commences.


After your booking has been confirmed, should you wish to make any changes to your itinerary or wish an earlier departure date, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests based on availability. However, there may extra costs involved to accommodate your request. These costs are in addition to the fee quoted to your for your initial safari. Normal cancellation fees apply if you wish to postpone your departure.


We accept MasterCard, Visa, Paypal,  Wire transfers, Cash, Money Orders and Bank Drafts.


Its very rare that we cancel any booking made for our clients. However we reserve the right to do so. Any confirmation less than 2 months shall not be cancelled unless unexpected / unusual circumstances (such as war within the country you intend to visit) beyond our control. Where cancellation of your holiday, in case of your failure to pay up or as a result of force majeure, we shall offer you an alternative vacation with a similar standard with the one you had booked before provided. In case you have chosen one that is more expensive than your original holiday, you will be asked to pay the difference. However if it is cheaper, we shall refund you the difference.

You are entitled to a full refund except money paid for gorilla permits, which we can later pass to you in case the Rwanda, Congo and Uganda Wildlife Authority refunds it. We can not whatsoever bear expenses, costs or losses resulting from your cancellation.

A cancellation of a vacation in respect of any person in your party is likely, if, in our opinion or the opinion of any other person in authority, the behavior of the person(s) concerned is believed or suspected to cause trouble, annoyance, or distress to the third party. In such a situation we shall uncompromisingly evict such a visitor from any accommodation and require him/her to quit immediately thus forfeiting any of our services. Such a termination of our services does not warrant any refund or any other remedy on our part.


In case you intend to cancel your holiday with us, you shall have to write to us. Unless we receive a copy of your communication in writing, we can not confirm your cancellation. To avoid losses caused by your cancellation since reselling your holiday may be impossible, cancellation fees, excluding insurance, will be levied per person as follows: Cancellation charge shall be a % age of the total price where applicable.


Cancellations here below shall be treated against the total cost of the safari booked as follows:
60 -100 days 10% off safari Cost
59 – 32 days 25% off safari Cost
31 – 8 days 50% off safari Cost
7 – 3 days 75% off safari Cost
48 hours or less prior to arrival 100% charge

– Gorilla permits and air tickets are 100% non-refundable.
– There will be no refund for any unused services, late arrival or no-show of any of the members of the tour.

Note: Cancellation fees are effective from the date your written notification is received at Hakuna Matata Safaris Ltd.


Whilst the Company uses its best endeavours to ensure that all anticipated accommodation is available as planned, there shall be no claim of any nature whatsoever against the Company for a refund either in the whole or part, if any accommodation or excursion is unavailable and a reasonable alternative is not found. If the guest is unable to use any service provided in the itinerary, then there are no refunds due.



Neither Our Company nor any person or agent acting for, through or on behalf of the Company shall be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause whatsoever and without restricting the generality of the afore-going shall particularly not be responsible for loss or damage arising from any errors or omissions contained in its brochure or other literature, loss or damage caused by delays, sickness, theft, injury or death.

In addition the Company shall have the right at any time at its discretion to cancel any safari or the remainder thereof or make any alteration in route, accommodation, price or other details and, in the event of any safari being rendered impossible, illegal or inadvisable by weather, strike, war, government or interference or any other cause whatsoever, the extra expenses incurred as a result thereof shall be the responsibility of the passenger. The Company may at its discretion and without liability or cost to itself at any time cancel or terminate the guest’s booking and in particular without limiting the generality of the afore-going it shall be entitled to do so in the event of the illness or the illegal or incompatible behaviour of the guest, who shall in such circumstances not be entitled to any refund. The person making any booking will, by the making of such booking, warrant that he or she has authority to enter into a contract on behalf of the other person included in such a booking and in the event of the failure of any or all of the other persons so included to make payment, the person making the booking shall by his/her signature thereof assume personal liability for the total price of all bookings made by him/her.


We shall attend to all complaints of any nature either directly from you or indirectly from our tour representative or service supplier. Our motto is: “The Client is the king”. We shall be in position to respond appropriately to any of your complaint or dissatisfaction as long as we can receive your report not later than 21 days after completion of your holiday. This gives us enough time to investigate your case and respond appropriately. Failure to lodge in your complaint within such a time limit, we shall not be held liable.


It is regrettable that we cannot bear liability or compensate where the performance or proper performance of our obligations is hampered or affected by any event which we or our supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Events such as war or threat of war, civil strife, riots, unexpected government actions including legislation, ordinances and decrees; terrorism, industrial disputes, extreme weather conditions, natural or nuclear disaster, epidemics fire, road closures, pilferage, quarantines, dangers incident to sea, land and air travel, and other similar incidents beyond our control.
Some of the services we offer are acquired from independent suppliers who may not be within our control. Services such as hotel accommodations, restaurant services, transportation, medical evacuation services etc. are supplied by other service providers. Thus we are not liable for any death, property damage, loss or personal injury resulting from acts or omissions accruing from such independent suppliers who are not within our control.

We reserve the right to make changes in pricing of an itinerary or service in response to economic changes (depreciation or appreciation of the local currency against the Dollar) as the case may be at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse or fail to retain any member or person in a tour team if his / her presence may jeopardize the security or proper enjoyment of a holiday in question and to pass on to the tour members any loss or expenditure resulting from delays or events beyond our control.

Some of the activities we offer in addition to the agreed upon itinerary are optional. Some activities carry with them an inherent risk of personal injury. In such circumstances we don’t guarantee your personal safety. If you choose to engage in optional activities, you do it at your own risk. We merely Endeavor to minimize the risks involved.

Optional activities, we offer include but not limited to:

– Kayaking, bungee-jumping and white water rafting
– Mountain climbing adventure
– Chimpanzee trekking
– Gorilla trekking
– Balloon safaris
– Nature walk


We guarantee availability of gorilla permits after receiving payment or an initial deposit from you. However we do not guarantee 100% chances of seeing the gorillas. The local conditions determine the presence and availability of the mountain gorillas. We are not liable in case of abrupt closure of the national border for security purposes or closure of the national park in question. In case of a refund of the gorilla permits money, it is subject to a refund by the relevant authority that sale these permits. As soon as we get a refund we are bound to pass it to you.
There are 98% chances of viewing the gorillas in the wild in both Rwanda and Uganda. We have not had an experience where a client has failed to track gorillas in either Rwanda or Uganda.


Before undertaking a holiday with us ensure that you have an appropriate insurance for the type of holiday of your choice. Such insurance should comprehensively cover death, medical expenses, personal injury, evacuation in the event of accident or illness or death, and holiday cancellation among others. Adventure safari activities that are highly risky such as gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, chimp trekking, white rafting and bungee jumping should be taken care of.


Hakuna Matata Safaris co Ltd, offer Car hire, Hotel Bookings, safaris and Tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo Kenya and Tanzania and sometimes in Burundi.

Our terms and conditions herein are meant to regulate the relationship of our clients and the company from the time of booking and our services. These terms and conditions, herewith referred to, are consistent with the laws and standards of the above mentioned countries in which we operate our tour services


We reserve the right to take photographic images of individual clients for the promotional use in our tour company. However it is your right to express your objection to this to us just before the commencement of the trip.


For safety and because space is restricted, baggage in some charter aircraft is restricted to a maximum of 15 kg per person in a soft bag. This includes camera equipment and carry-on baggage. Should guests arrive with excess baggage without prior warning their baggage could be delayed, as we may have to fly the baggage into camps at a later stage at considerable extra cost to you. However, should the guests know in advance that the baggage will exceed the limit; we can usually book an extra seat for the bags on the aircraft, at an additional cost to them.


Please be aware that these safaris may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Neither Savuti, nor their employees, can be held responsible for any injury or incident on the safari. Please note that most safari camps in Africa are not fenced.


Clients must be ensured that passports and visas are valid for the countries to be visited. Hakuna Matata Safaris and their staff cannot be held liable for any visas, etc. not held by the guests, nor the cost of visas.


Tropical Disease precautions should be commenced prior to departure. Please consult our doctor for specific advice. If you are a contagious-disease carrier, you must let us know when booking your safari.


(This varies from itinerary to itinerary) Insurance to cover for cancellation and curtailment, medical, baggage and money, emergency evacuation back home; beverages in certain areas; personal laundry at certain camps; gratuities to guides, paddlers and to staff; any excursion not related to the safari; optional meals and the bigger towns and cities; scheduled airfares; transfers and departure taxes.


Although every effort is made to adhere to schedules it should be borne in mind that the Company reserves the right and in fact is obliged to occasionally change routes and camps on safaris as dictated by changing conditions. Such conditions may be brought about by seasonal rainfall on bush tracks, airfields and in game areas, by game migrations from one region to another, or airline or other booking problems, etc.


The Company can book scheduled airline flights to, from and within Africa via a flight consolidator. However, please note that a service fee will apply. We cannot be held responsible for any schedule changes, flight delay or flight cancellations that occur to your flights and that consequently affect your travel arrangements.


The airlines concerned are not to be held liable for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board their planes or conveyance. The passengers’ tickets in use by the airline or by other carriers concerned when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the airlines and the purchaser of these tickets and/or passengers. Please note that we subcontract the flying services to independent charter operations, and they are responsible for the flying.


We will do our utmost to keep to the prices as quoted. Should increases be forced on us by airlines, exchange rates, etc., we reserve the right to surcharge without notice.


We cannot be held liable for any delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines not running to schedule.


If one of our guides is unable to take a safari due to illness, etc. we reserve the right to substitute with another guide.


The payment of the deposit OR any other partial payment for a reservation on a safari constitutes consent by all guests covered by that payment to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in this document whether the guest has signed the reservation form or not. The terms, under which you agree to take these safaris, cannot be changed or amended except in writing signed by an authorized director of the Company.


I/we accept to be duly bound by terms and conditions above. My advancement of a deposit to Hakuna Matata Safaris Ltd demonstrates this acceptance. I certify that I have carefully read and fully understood the contents of the Terms and Conditions, including cancellation and refund policies, limitation of liability, and responsibility borne by tour participants. On the advance of a deposit to Hana Matatsa safaris Limited, the depositor, his or her family and/representative agree to be bound by the above Terms and Conditions herein specified.


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