Top Tips to Make Your Trip to Rwanda More Memorable

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Tea Platation In Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

Tea Platation In Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

Rwanda is a fascinating place to visit, but it will be even more memorable if you keep in mind the tips below.


Have a pair of binoculars with you at all times. The landscape of Rwanda is unique in the sense that you can always see the vast natural beauty lying behind the urban structures of the country’s top cities. As such, binoculars are always useful when you feel like you’ve spotted a rare wild animal, bird, or plant at a distance. Having binoculars are even more imperative if you’ve signed up for an adventure tour. In this case, there’s always something to view, observe, and marvel at.

Field Guide

If you’re a serious naturalist then make sure you’ve equipped yourself with a guidebook to whatever it is you wish to observe in their natural habitat, may they be birds, animals, or flowers and trees. Rwanda is home to many unique and amazing wildlife species and it would be a pity if you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate what Rwanda has to offer simply because you’re not aware of the significance of what you’re seeing.

Mobile Phones and Local SIM Cards and Communication

The good news is that your mobile phones can still work in Rwanda and enjoy a fairly good service. You just have to buy a SIM card operated by a local telecommunications company to enjoy hassle-free international calls no matter where you are. But don’t worry. Buying a local SIM card isn’t a waste of money. The moment your footsteps onto the grounds of Rwanda and you start exploring its wide variety of attractions, you’re sure to find it impossible not to come back again and again. That’s how beautiful Rwanda is!

As for online communication, you need not worry about this as well as all the country’s top hotels offer Internet access. Moreover, Internet cafes also abound in the cities so there’s no reason for you to miss even one tweet or shout out from your friends.


Rwanda arguably has the highest qualities of roads in this side of Africa, which no doubt makes spectacularly good news for those who fear and loathe the bumpy rides often experienced in Third World countries. If you want to tour the city or wilds on your own, your tour guide can help you get a good deal for a sturdy 4WD for the duration of your stay. Of course, if you’re traveling with a large group, then you can also enjoy riding with your friends and loved ones in a chartered luxury bus or airplane.

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