The Secret of the Land of a Thousand Hills

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Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda

Monkeys in Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda

There are countries that always show up on everyone’s list of places to visit, like France or Australia. Then there are countries that you didn’t even know could be tourist destinations. These lesser-known  tourist destinations hold a natural mystique that a few have been curious enough to unlock.

If you have never been given a reason to consider the beautiful Rwanda as your next holiday destination, allow me to give you four reasons why you want to be here.

Rich history and air of mystery – Healing from the infamous Rwanda Genocide, the Kigali Memorial Centre was built to remind citizens and nations alike about the cost of life. Visiting the “land of a thousand hills,” you will experience the air of mystery surrounding it, not by grief but by a collective consciousness of the people  determined to put the past behind to rebuild and reshape their country.

Parks and trail – Three awe-inspiring parks and a trail can make it worth your while: Akagera National Park which is big game country, Nyungwe National Park, which is Africa’s largest protected mountain rainforest, Volcanoes National Park in Virunga with six volcanoes and home to the Mountain Gorillas and the Congo Nile Trail that bridges the Western Rwanda Corridor. The upside to being a small country is that you can drive across Rwanda in approximately four hours. This gives you enough time to visit all these parks, even if you’re just there for a long weekend.

Teeming with wildlife – Have you ever seen any antelopes running around in a park near you? How about hippos or crocodiles in the lake across town?  No, probably not. You will see antelopes running around Akagera Park, though. Hippos and crocodiles are a guaranteed attraction while you watch from the safety of your boat as you cross Akagera’s largest lake, Ihema. Buffalos and giraffes saunter across the lands. And, with over 500 species of birds make Rwanda a birder’s paradise. Oh, and did I tell you about the Real Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain gorillas – If you could visit Rwanda for only one reason, let this be it. The real mountain gorillas are an endangered species. It truly is a breathtaking experience to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, which, by the way, feels a little different as you watched their power and agility outside the usual, modern enclosures. Aside from them there are 13 more species of primates that live in the Nyungwe Forest which includes owl-faced Guenons, Chimpanzees, and Angolan Colobus Monkeys.

There is so much beauty in this country to explore. If it’s Rwanda, nothing beats Hakuna Matata Safaris exceptional touring service. Manned by expert and knowledgeable personnel, this trip might be the best experience you will probably have.

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