The 14 Tour Through The Great Lakes Region Of Africa

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Low Land Gorilla in Kahuzi Biega

Low Land Gorilla in Kahuzi Biega

The great lakes region of Africa offers a tremendous tour that one must embark on at some point in time. If you are looking for a true experience of Africa, there is a 14 day tour that gives you the opportunity to visit four separate countries within the continent. Within the tour you will cross paths with four different lakes, two waterfalls, three museums, and come up-close and personal with the wildlife.

The first day of the tour has you arriving in Burundi at Bujumbura airport and transferring to the hotel. After lunch you will get to visit the mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore. Continuing with the adventure, you will climb to the “Belvedere” on the top of the hill and proceed to Lake Tanganyika for a boat ride that will go overnight.

To begin day two you will drive 10 kilometers to visit the commemorating stone of where the famous explorers Stanley and Livingstone rested during their attempt to find the source of the Nile. The afternoon part of day two has you traveling to Gitega to visit the Burundi national Museum. You will then return to the hotel for dinner.

On day three you will drive to the Nyungwe forest national park in Rwanda where you will encounter incredible views. You will get to trek into the forest and see Blue monkeys and many other species as the Nyungwe forest national park houses 13 species in all.

Continuing with day three, you will get to track chimpanzees in the Nyungwe forest on day four. After lunch you will then visit the historical museum of Rwanda and stay at the Ibis hotel in Butare.

On day five you will transfer to Gisenyi to visit Kigali Genocide memorial. This will allow you to truly understand what happened in Rwanda in 1994 when one million people died within a 100 day span. On day six you will get to take a short ride in a wooden boat on the Lake Kivu to visit the hot spring in Rubona. After lunch you will enjoy an incredible performance from the Intore Traditional dancers.

Gorilla trekking will continue on day seven in the forest on the edge of the Virunga mountain chain. The length of the trek will vary depending on where the gorillas are and what the weather conditions are like.

The thrill of the African tour continues on day eight and nine as you embark on a volcano climb. You will begin the climb around 10:30 and arrive at the top in the late afternoon to admire the lava lake al evening.

After enjoying the volcano you will drive to the lake Bunyonyi on day ten for a cultural walk on the southwestern shores to view several villages. You will also get to enjoy a canoe ride in the afternoon.

On day 11 you will drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will see magnificent views and deep-farmed valleys. Parts of the Ishasha are famous for its tree-climbing lions. You will continue to enjoy the national park on day 12 before experiencing the Nile River on day 13. Finally, day 14 has you taking a boat ride on Lake Victoria to Ngamba Island to see orphanage chimpanzees. The long tour comes to an end as you return home on day 15, but it is a life experience you will forever cherish.

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