Rwanda and Its Culture

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Tea Platation In Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

Tea Platation In Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

“Land of a Thousand Hill,” Rwanda is the home of astonishing landscape, rich fauna, flourishing flora and unique architecture of nature and of its own history. This tourist destination, thriving in the midst of East and Central Africa is known for its numerous bird and primate species, volcanoes and locale’s craftsmanship and affability. Indeed, this place is a must-see for those people who want to leave their city life for a while and experience being close to nature.

There are lots of tourist destinations in Rwanda that guests should not fail to see. One of the most popular is the Virunga Conservation Area. It is composed of three national parks named Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda, Parc des Virungas  in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. Visitors can track the Golden Monkey, one of the endangered primate species in Africa as well as the Mountain Gorillas in these mountain trails. After the mountain trekking, The lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo can be a satisfying stop over for minutes of retreat. However, if you are the kind that enjoys water sports such as water skiing and swimming, then the Kibuye and Gisenyi lakes are likely to be your pit stop.

The natural resources of Rwanda seem like a never ending one. It does not only give unique scenic mountains and spectacular lakes but falls and caves too. Musanze cave, which was believed to be made by a king and was used by the refugees before, is highlighted by a natural bridge shaped from Virunga Mountain’s lava flow. Furthermore, Rusumo Falls is a spectacular body of water that is part of the remote headwaters of the Nile River. Guests can witness this site while passing the boundary of Tanzania and Rwanda.

Part of the attraction that Rwanda caters is its history. Genocide Memorials, the Kabgayi Church Museum, the National Museum and Hotel des Milles Colline are some of the traces of the place’s rich past. Genocide Memorials is the living witness of the horrible massacre that happened many years ago where blood stains and skulls were intently displayed for viewing.  In addition, a visit to the Kabgayi Church Museum and National Museum can make the guests embrace the ethnographic exhibitions of East Africa’s culture and record. Truly, knowing the place through its remains of the past and experiencing the present.

Key tourist destinations in Rwanda can be reached through a few hours of a four-wheel drive. There are places that bicycles and motorcycles will be a great choice of transportation so that tourist can see the beauty of each place better. This is a great vacation target for its good weather, fine roads, accommodating people and most of all superb nature tripping.

Unless you’re an absolute expert with your chosen adventure, a tour guide may no longer necessary. For the rest of us, there’s Hakuna Matata safaris that will facilitate everything you need to make that trip unforgettable one.

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