Discovering the Hidden Gems of Burundi

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Bujumbura Market

Bujumbura Market

Burundi, a place located in the heart of Africa should be on the top list of a true traveler. It is characterized by unique scenery, exciting activities, artistic and hospitable people, abundant natural resources, and rich culture and history. The tropical climate of this country makes it more ideal for a visit location.

You may start the tour at the capital port city of Bujumbura. Here, you can socialize with the locals of the place and hear their welcoming introductions to Burundi. Spend the day discovering the country city’s pre and post colonialism time. Many will appreciate the architectural designs of the remains of this historical period.

Other attractions that guests must not miss to see are Islamic Cultural Center and museé vivant that cater for the ethnographic display of Burundian civilization and traditions. Visitors can go to the city market and shop for distinctive bits and pieces that would be great to serve as memorabilia of the place. Taste the Burundian delicacies or any food of your choice in lining eatery houses and restaurants around the city.

Nature lovers will truly be delighted by the profusion of Burundi’s natural gift, its reserve parks, falls, and lakes. To name a few are Rusizi National Park,  Nyungwe Forest National Parks,  Lake Tanganyika, Lake Rwihinda National Reserve and Chutes de la Kalera. These protected areas are home to the numerous primate and plant species. There are many activities that guests can do to enjoy these places such as trekking, hiking and biking. Water sports, bird watching and boating are few from the range of amenities that Burundi water forms can give. Inevitably, these are places to relax and revitalize.

After the nature tripping, you may head to Rumonge as a stopover where guests can see one of the livelihoods of the Burundi locals, palm oil making.  Travelers can also savor the taste of freshly caught fishes from this fishing village. It is exciting to see sea food from the fisherman’s boat then delicately cooked and served to the visitors. Goat meat, are also dished up for it is one of the popular meat in Burundi.

Learn the crafts and arts of Burundians through visiting Giheta’s Craftwares Village. Here you can gain knowledge regarding ivory, wood-carving, ceramics, leather, paintings, and sculptures in the city’s Art School. One can also experience ancient game “mancala” played with pebbles on concave dig out on the ground. It is like being a Burundian artist for a while.

Indeed, there will be almost endless possibilities of fun, leisure and learning in this land of mountain terrains and body of water. This is a trip that will positively remark one’s vacation escapade.

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