A Quick Traveler’s Guide to Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking

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Nyiragongo Volcano lava lake

Nyiragongo Volcano lava Lake

Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking is a new and growing attraction in Congo DRC that captivated scores of enthusiasts alike. The stunning and magnificent view at the top is exhilaratingly rewarding and well worth the effort.

The volcano’s summit is known for its active volcanic activity with voluminous lava lakes and otherworldly bubbling lava flows that couldn’t keep but remind you of that apocalyptic famous movie.

A typical Nyiragongo Volcano hiking trek itinerary would normally take about two days but could last for a few more days depending on how long the hikers would opt to camp out along the crater.

The summit is where you will be spending the night.  Better yet, ask your tour guide if camping on the volcano’s rim is allowed. Regardless of your location, witnessing the volcanic activity in the 900m crater is still very much possible. Volcano night watching is not to be missed!

There is nothing quite like watching the spewing and jittering lava right before your very eyes. For years, curious scientists and eager tourists watched these scenes unfold. And with every single visit, the mountain never failed to delight their little hearts.

Witnessing this nature’s call is truly a once in a lifetime experience. After all, we don’t get to see a volcanic activity every day, don’t we? What a better way to seal these moments than to take lots of pictures. Once you are back home, they will surely be a source of envy to your friends and family.

How hard is trekking to Nyirangongo base camp? The weather is hot and there are steep, slippery and jarring trails.  Hiking boots are a must for better grip. Climbing takes about 4 to 5 hours plus the 1 hour rest stop. You also need to be moderately fit to climb the mountain, ready for the nature’s challenge.

Don’t underestimate the blistering heat when ascending (bring sunscreen) as the temperature drops to 3 to 5 below zero at night. Bring along some warm clothes and wet gears in case it’s rainy season. You can rent a tent or sleeping bag but whenever possible it’s best to bring your own plus a mat to take care of the lumps.

Alive and well, the next morning is the time to head off. Descending Mount Nyirangongo should be a little easier than climbing it. Again, you’ll be greeted with rough terrains and awesome sights.

Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking is perfect for anyone looking for a moderately strenuous activity. Contact Hakuna Matata Safaris or the local tourism authority to schedule your visit.

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