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Mountain Gorilla Family

Mountain Gorilla Family

Rwanda is a unitary republic in eastern and central Africa. Tanzania to the east, Uganda is to its north, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Burundi to the south. While the nation is landlocked, it is famous for its lakes.  The highest point is Mount Karisimbi. The country has a temperature climate, with 2 rainy season (November to January, February to April).  Average temperature range from 16-22 degree Celsius.

Any person visiting “the land of a thousand hills” is in for multitude of shocks:

First is the personal peace, safety, stability and security enjoyed by both visitors and citizens of the country.

Second there is a beauty of this country. The landscapes in this green country are really amazing. Many visitors to Rwanda have remarked that the physical charm of the country is without an equal on the African continent. Rwanda has five volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and many rivers, some making the source of River Nile. Amazing volcanoes and solid tropical forests rule the country north, while valleys and calm hills, relax lakes and chaotic rivers in both savannah and solid tropical vegetation rule the rest of the country.

Geography and climate                  

Rwanda’s area is 26,338 sq. km and is placed in east and central Africa. The Nile and Congo River drainage basis run north to south. The Nyabarongo is the biggest river, which meets up with the Kagera and drains into the Victoria lake. Lake Kivo is the biggest of many lakes in Rwanda. It is one of the twenty deepest world lakes with a depth of 480 meters.

Western and central Rwanda is mountains. The Virunga mountains are the highest peaks and contains Mount Karisimbo, the country highest peak at 4,505. The western part of Rwanda has a 1,500 meters to 2,600 meters average elevation.


Rwanda population is guessed at over 12,708,228 million, with over forty-two percent under the age of 15. The infant mortality rate is 60.00 deaths for every 1,000 live births. Life expectancy is 60 years.

Rwanda has one of the African biggest population densities. Most of the population is rural. The savanna land in the east is the just area that is sparsely populated. Kigali population is about 1 million.


Dance and music plays an important role in the tradition of Rwandans. The Rwandan people have a diversity of dance and music with an assortment of acts that show epics celebrating bravery and excellence, hunting roots and humorous lyrics. Intore Dance Troup is the finest model of Rwanda varied and energetic traditional dance and music style. A big range of traditional handicrafts is produced in rural Rwanda, ranging from baskets to ceramics to contemporary and traditional wood carvings.

Food cuisine is based on staple foods like plantains, bananas, beans, pulses, sweet potatoes, and cassava. Any Rwandans just eat meat a few times per month.

The country also has a history of traditional crafts and arts, especially woven baskets and bowls. Cow during art is noted in south east Rwanda.


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